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November 6, 2019
Toro Sprinkler Nozzles – Male Thread
December 17, 2019
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Irritrol I-Pro Nozzles – Female Thread


These nozzles suit standard pop-up sprinklers that accept female threads. Our Hunter pop-up sprinklers are great examples of these.

Radius is listed in feet. If we do not offer the required angle, please use the variable arc nozzles.

Filter included. Click here for product specifications 

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Our irritol female nozzles come in a range of fixed spray directions, as well as variable arc nozzles for those obscure angles and a bit of extra adjustment. Choose your desired throw radius, then select the angle you require. We recommend using fixed-arc nozzles in trafficked areas, as variable arc nozzles can sometimes be pushed out of their desired range by vehicles driving over or people stepping on them. It does, however, only take a few seconds to adjust them back to your desired angle.

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8', 10', 12', 15', 17'


90­° Quarter, 120­° One Third, 180° Half, 240° Two Thirds, 270°/Three Quarters, 360° Full, 0°-360° Variable Arc

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