Male/Male BSP Tee

Male/Male BSP Tee

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Constructed of UV resistant polypropylene, Irritol's irrigation fittings provide a range of solutions for joining system components such as pump, risers, sprinklers, valves and filters. Precision manufacturing combined with tapered threads and heavy wall sections provides maximum sealing performance for reliability you can trust. The robust octagonal nut section allows for quick and easy installation, providing a tight seal across all connections.

- Made from high grade polypropylene with carbon black for UV protection.

- Precision manufacturing and heavy wall sections provides positive seal.

- Robust octagonal nut section for easy tightening by hand or spanner.

- Full from threads cut to standard taper of 2deg ensures positive seal at high pressure.

- Fittings are non-hydroscopic making them moisture resistant.

- Highly resistant to a broad range of chemicals and fertilisers.

- Maximum pressure rating of 1500 kpa.


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