AutoSkim by Kreepy Krauly

AutoSkim by Kreepy Krauly

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AutoSkim by Kreepy Krauly

Does your Pool Cleaner automatically skim your Pools surface?

If it doesn’t upgrade to AutoSkim® Now! You’ll never scoop out floating leaves or debris again. AutoSkim’s powerful full-surface skimming automatically whisks them away.

The secret to AutoSkim‘s efficiency is its unique twin valve and vacuum plate combination. It’s Custom-fitted to your pool and provides Automatic vacuum control, Reduces pool pump air cavitation and delivers Incredibly Efficient full-surface skimming.

Whilst Kreepy Krauly is vacuuming all underwater surfaces, the unique Automatic Skimmer valve and vacuum plate combination ensures full surface skimming of all floating leaves and debris.

Autoskim is FREE with Kreepy Krauly Ultra Marathon, Marathon and Conquest automatic pool cleaners. AutoSkim® is suitable for all automatic pool cleaners, and because it’s a genuine Kreepy Krauly product, its got the legendary Kreepy Krauly reliability too.

Upgrade to AutoSkim® – life’s even more fun when your pool surface is automatically clean – all the time. AutoSkim® is suitable for all Automatic Pool Cleaners.


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