Pop Up Sprinklers & Nozzles

We have a large range of pop up sprinkler body's. We stock Hunter and Toro pop up's, In a range of sizes from 2inch to 12inch.

We have a large range of standard sprinkler heads to suit most pop up body's. We have fixed arc nozzles and adjustable nozzles in male or female thread. Unsure of what nozzle you need? Please contact us we can help.

We stock the full range of MP Rotators. MP Rotators are a multi-stream nozzle that apply water at about 1/3 of the rate of a standard spray nozzle, that are adjustable in Radius and Arc. They range in Radius from 1.8m to 10.7m depending what you need. For more information please contact us.

We stock a large range of the Toro Precision spray's. The precision sprays are commonly used where the pressure is too low to use standard sprays. If your unsure please contact us so we can help.