A premium reticulation system does not just keep your grass green or the dust down, it does so in the most water efficient way possible. To avoid dry patches full coverage is needed.

Not sure where to place your sprinklers to get full coverage? No problem our staff are happy to help to choose the best sprinklers for the job. We also do DIY plans, so you can install the reticulation yourself. The staff at Baldivs Water have in-depth knowledge of local environments and common problems experienced in our area when it comes to keeping your garden looking fabulous!


Whether you are looking to reticulate the back lawn or a paddock we stock a huge range of pop-up, gear drive and impact sprinklers, with a wide range of nozzles to suit.

We stock Hunter, Toro and Rainbird Pop-ups in a range of heights from 2inch to 12inch, we stock a large range of nozzles to suit including; Low pressure, standard and MP rotator nozzles.

We also stock a large range of Hunter and Rainbird Gear divers for those bigger areas.
We also have a large range of impact and butterfly sprinklers.
With the right spacing and sprinkler for the job you should never have another dead patch of lawn again.


Work, family, holidays…. Life gets so busy that the last thing you need is your lawn and garden dying because you forgot to water it!

Are you looking for a “set and forget” controller or a smart controller that can be controlled by your phone or computer anywhere? At Baldivis Water we have a large range of automatic irrigation controllers. We stock Hunter, Toro, Rainbird and Orbit controllers.


At Baldivis water we have a large range of high quality automatic solenoid valves including Hunter, Irritrol, Rainbird and Bermad.

These are carefully engineered and manufactured to the highest standard tested for the Australia conditions. We stock a variety of sizes and options including normally open, normally closed and pressure reducing valves. In addition to automatically controlled valves, Baldivis water has a sizeable selection of manually operated valves including PVC, Brass, Poly Ball Valves, Brass Gate valves and Butterfly valves.

Valve Boxes

Protect your valves from livestock and lawnmowers with a Valve box cover.

Available in different sizes and made from durable materials. Achieve peace mind that your retic system will be protected.


Dripers and Dripline

Drippers & Dripline

We have a large selection of dripline for the garden, mainly used for mass planting, or we have a large range of induvial drippers if you would like one dripper per plant to save on water and weeds.


Irrigation Wire

Irrigation Wire

Whether you’ve purchased your controller unit from here as well, or just need some to replacement Retic wire comes in many types single core, 3 core, 5 core, 7 core, 9 core and 13core. We sell muti core by the metre so no need to by a roll./p>

threaded fittings

Poly BSP Threaded Fittings

BSP Threaded Pipe Fittings

We Stock a large range of poly BSP threaded fittings, Nipples, Sockets, Reducing bushings, plugs and caps, In a range of sizes from 6mm to 100mm

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