Irrigation DIY

Baldivis water are happy to help plan your retic for you and help you understand how it all goes together so you can install your retic yourself. We just need a few things so we can do the plan for you.

> Name:
> Address:
> Water Type: Bore or mains water?
> Email
> Phone Number
> A plan of your back yard showing grass and garden that is to be reticulated and if existing retic where and what we are joining to.
> How many stations left on your controller?
> Water Flow

For mains water you need do a bucket test (fill a bucket from the garden tap closest to your water meter make sure you take off all fittings and the tap is fully open and time how long it takes to fill up the bucket. Just let just know the size of the bucket and the time it took to fill up and we can work out the rest.

For bore water it deepens on the type of bore you have, best to give us a quick call so we can go though it with you. Then it’s just a matter of what retic you would like.

You can email this information to us at

Or come into Baldivis Water and go through your options with our friendly staff.

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